Clear Vision Intuition New Age Ministry

~Mary Bernadette~


 Body, Mind & Spirit 

Intuitive/ Psychic & Mediumship Readings

 In these types of readings, Mary Bernadette does not utilize any oracle cards. She connects directly with both, yours & her own Divine Spirit Guides. She is able to see into your life & soul's problems. She is then given direction on how to heal them & passes all this information to you.

She encourages you to interrupt her with questions that may need clarification.

These readings usually last an hour but are not timed. 

Readings are conducted via: FB video messenger, Duo Video, or a simple phone call

Energy exchange~$60. 

Energy Healings

Energy Healing is just as effective in person as well as connecting through Distance Healing.

You will remain clot​hed & asked to turn off all devices, relax, give yourself the time of peace & quiet to "Accept" the Healing Energy that is being directed into you. These sessions usually last 1/2 hour but there is no time limit.

Energy exchange~$35.

There's More!

Workshops: Will be announced on this website or you may email and ask to be put on a list to be notified as soon as they are scheduled !

Please be advised that these workshops are a 2 day intensive~ 5 hours per day and only 9 persons may attend. If you are a New Mexico massage therapist, this will count as 10 hours of CEUs!

Home & Business Clearing & Blessings  (negative energy removal ) from home or businesses, etc. are determined by the client's needs. Please feel free to call or email to discuss your unique situation! 

Weddings/ Commitment Ceremonies This service is for all persons, as Love has no bounds! Please feel free to call or email to discuss your Celebration!

All Services will be billed via PayPal. Please don't worry if you don't have a PayPal account, you will have the option to pay with credit/debit through the system.

Peace   Love   Joy   Healing